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A12X - Awesomatix A12X 1/12 Electric Pan Car


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A12X 1/12-Scale Electric On-Road Car

The A12X brings its design slightly more towards traditional 12th scale cars where side and rear spring actions are independent. This is achieved thanks to a built-in coil spring inside the rear damper and new side coil springs positioned at the very front of the chassis.The new steel chassis brings the CG even lower and allows for a narrower and sleeker shape to the whole design.

Our new motor mount design keyed into the chassis using "key type" screws, further improves the tweak-free nature of the car making it virtually bulletproof in case of a hard crash.
A new battery plate coupled with a new front suspension plate enabling a wider range of roll centres options. New left and right rear hubs allow truer and more reliable mounting for a wider variety of wheels.Three new tools for precise adjustment during build and fine tuning of the car setup are included in the kit.

Clearly the A12X retains the same front-end concept as the original A12, with quick camber adjustments through rotating steering posts, helical front springs and multiple front damping configurations controlled by O-rings and/or various grease viscosity 
while front caster settings are achieved by optional steering posts.


Special Features of the A12X Pan Car Kit:

- New rear/side springs system with the side coil springs and the independent rear centre coil spring that don't affect each other. The vertical stiffness of the rear pod can be adjusted without affecting the side roll stiffness. The side roll stiffness of the rear pod can be adjusted without affecting the vertical stiffness.
- New battery plate - updated for installation of different roll centres sets and for new side springs system.
- New steel chassis incorporating the rear brace. The steel material provides extra low CG and narrower width.
- New lightweight steering posts.
- New motormount and left bulkhead featuring “keyed” mounting screws eliminating shifting in case of impact.
- New rear damper with "built-in" rear spring.
- New rear brace to work with the new rear spring unit.
- New front suspension plate - updated for installation of different roll centres sets.
- New left and right hubs of the rear axle with an increased contact area for more stable wheels.

- Three new tools in the kit - 6/7mm wrench, 1.5mm Allen key and the gauge for rear suspension settings.

- Radio,  Receiver, Transmitter, ESC, Servo, Servo saver, Motor, Fan, Pinion, Spur Gear, Lipo, Body shell and Tires are not included in the kit. They are only used for the presentation of the fully equipped car. 

- Due to our policy of continuous product development, the exact specifications of the kit may vary.
Awesomatix does reserve all rights to change any specifications without prior notice. All rights reserved.

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